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You're finally getting married! First, Congrats!  It's a special day that requires special attention!  Let's make sure we do it right by never ignoring the lessons we have all learned over the years. 

By the time you get married, you've been to how many weddings by now?  Likely a good amount.  Do you remember the food from those places?  You probably have to try to think really hard.  Why?  That's because the food always looks great on paper.  However, when it's time for the event, it's mass produced in a way that isn't spectacular.  If you do remember the food, you likely remember it didn't live up to expectations.  Did you have to tell the Bride & Groom it was still great? Terrible feeling.  They likely overpaid for the food as well!

When you budget for a wedding, you have to remember that times have changed dramatically and the cost of labor/service is two to three times as much as it used to be.  Practical couples are realizing that overpaying for plated service is a big waste of money.  If you have a very small group, plated meals can be great.  When you have a large guest list?  It's a terrible idea!  For large groups, plated meals are usually held in a hot box/heat lamp and it's just not as tasty when you are buying it for 100+ people at once.  On top of it, with the way the cost of labor has increased so much, do you really think they are employing the best of the best to make your food and serve it?  I'll let you decide that for yourself.

Frato’s Culinary Kitchen is a Food-First establishment that trains passionate college culinary students from the start.  We turn them into Certified Personal Chefs!  That means our Personal Chefs and Apprentice Cooks are serious about their career and they sincerely care about making your event the best it can be.

Since times have changed, the big trend is Buffet-Style Weddings with a Food-First Focus! You can still serve traditional items or you can be more creative.  The more fun you have with the food, the more memorable it will be.

The best part, every Wedding has a Frato’s Certified Personal Chef and Chef Assistant on-site! 

Be careful what food company you choose to go with.  Also, make sure you get a FREE Sampling!  Frato's ALWAYS offers FREE Wedding Samplings so you know what you're getting!

1 Entree
$17.99 Per Guest

2 Entrees
$19.99 Per Guest

3 Entrees
$21.99 Per Guest

**Send a Catering Inquiry if you want a customized Ketogenic Wedding Menu!**


Frato's Specialty Chicken Limone
Frato's Specialty Chicken Vesuvio
Personal Chef Andy's Specialty Red Wine Marinated Short Rib
Kitchen Chef Jorge's Authentic Carne Asada marinated in a Homemade Corona & Light Garlic Lime Sauce

Comes with 3 Free Sides & Chicago's Turano Bread

Black Beans, Mac & Cheese in Aged Cheddar Sauce, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Chef's Pasta Salad, Chef's Potato Salad, Seasonal Vegetable, Seasonal Fruit, Baked Potatoes with Sour Cream, Roasted Corn, Roasted Peas, Roasted Corn & Peas, Cilantro Rice, Lemon Zest Rice, Chips and Homemade Red Salsa (Mild), Rosemary Polenta

**Some Items pair very well with specific Entrees.  Contact Us Here for a Catering Manager to create a package for you

Add-ons (Min 10 orders per item selected)
Each Item is Priced Per Guest

~Chips and Homemade Red Salsa (mild) or Green Salsa (hot) 2.50
~Chips and Both Homemade Types of Salsa 2.99
~Seasonal Hand-Cut Fruit Tray 2.99
~Hand-cut Veggie Tray 2.99
~Baked Idaho Potato Bar with Sour Cream & Shredded Cheese 2.99
~Homemade Idaho Potato Mashed Potato Bar with Gravy 2.99
~Chopped Garden Salad Bar 2.99
~Chopped Caesar Salad Bar 2.99 (Add Chicken $1 More)
~Chopped Buffalo Salad Bar 3.99 (Add Chicken $1 More)
~Black Beans 1.99
~Roasted Farm Fresh Corn 1.99
~Roasted Farm Fresh Peas 1.99
~Roasted Corn & Peas Mixed 1.99
~Vesuvio Potatoes 3.99
~Handmade 100% All-Beef Beef Meatball Marinara 3.99
~Handmade Specialty Bacon & Beef Meatball Marinara 3.99 (Important Note: Due to Applewood-Bacon, this will naturally appear Pink, but it is fully cooked)
~Hand-Cut Boneless Wing Bar (3 Wings Per Person) 2.99 (Comes with Ranch & Blue Cheese, Wing Sauce on Side, Can add additional sauces for extra charge, Celery and Carrot $.50 more)  Choice of Buffalo Mild, Sweet Molasses BBQ, Szechuan (Medium), Whiskey BBQ (Medium, Award-Winning), Habanero Garlic (Hot)
~~Salad Dressing Choices: Italian, Caesar, Ranch, Balsamic Raspberry, Olive Oil and Red Wine Vinegar, Blue Cheese, Buffalo Ranch

Specialty Handmade Chef Appetizers (Min 10 orders per item selected):

(Each Order = 2 Handmade Items)
Each appetizer carefully made by hand the morning of your Wedding, by the Specialty Chef listed and delivered to your Wedding. Frato's means all Chefs are skilled in making it. Some items can be made on-site for an additional charge
~Personal Chef Eduardo's Mini Prime Rib Sliders 3.50
Cubed Prime Rib on a mini Roll with Chopped Braised Green Pepper & Mushroom with Swiss and a Horseradish Remoulade
~Personal Chef Eduardo's Mexican Tinga Tostada 2.50
Mini Tostada, Shredded Lettuce, Scoop of Tinga (Shredded Chicken with Chipotle Sauce) with a Mexican Sour Cream Drizzle
~Personal Chef Eduardo's Mini Reuben on Rye 2.50
Mini Toasted Marble Rye & Sauerkraut with Creamy Blend of Corned Beef, Applewood-Bacon and Thousand Island Dressing delicately placed on top
~Frato's Mini Roasted Corn Elotes Cups 2.00 (very popular)
Mexican-style Corn Tortilla Cups with Lemon Sour Cream, Roasted Corn, & Queso Fresco with Chili Mayo Drizzle and Cilantro Garnish
~Frato's Stuffed Mushrooms 2.50
Applewood-Bacon, Seasoned Breadcrumbs and Creamy Gorgonzola Stuffed Seasonal Mushroom Caps
~Frato's Roasted Stuffed Jalapeno 2.00
Mexican-style Roasted Jalapeno Peppers, Sliced in Half, Stuffed with Applewood-Smoked Bacon & Chihuahua Cheese topped with Black Pepper Sour Cream
~Caprese Skewers (Vegetarian, Gluten Free) 2.00
Roasted Cherry Tomato with Fresh Mozzarella and Basil Leaf

Pasta Trays
(Can add Meat for additional charge)

~Fettucine Alfredo 70.00
~Baked Mostaccioli 55.00
~Aged Cheddar Mac & Cheese (Butter Breadcrumb optional) 55.00
~Eggplant Parmesan 80.00
~Specialty 4-Cheese Lasagna (Half Pan Only, 12 Slices Per Pan) 39.99

(Minimum 10 orders per items selected)

~Grandma Frato Chocolate Brownies (2 Squares) 2.50
~Grandma Frato Cheesecake Brownies (2 Squares) 3.50
~Chocolate Fudge Cake (1 Slice, sliced in advance and served on a tray) 3.50

Rice Trays
(Can add Meat for additional charge)

~Cilantro Rice 40.00
~Lemon Zest Rice 40.00
~Spanish Rice 40.00

A Standard $500 non-refundable deposit is due with the signing of a contract and secures the date. Cash, personal check or credit card are accepted forms of payment.

Add 3% Pass-Thru Charge if paid by Credit Card.

Final Payment:
Due 2 Weeks prior to the event: final guest count, finalized details and logistics pertaining to your event will be due. Final payment is due one week prior to the event.


You may or may not be surprised to know that many weddings opt for our Corporate Buffet Menu! Times have indeed changed and guests smile with unique wedding items! Make it a Gourmet Taco Bar or a Vienna Beef Hot Dog and Beef Wedding! Too many options to list, so check out the menu here or inquire with questions here!

(Indoor or Outdoors)

Buffet-Style (recommended):

~Personal Chef & Chef Assistant on-site $90 per hour total (4 hour min)


~Captain $65 per hour (4 hour minimum)
Captain is required if any bartenders or waitstaff are needed for large events or events held at venues.
~Each Bartender $45 per hour (4 hour minimum)
~Each Waitstaff $40 per hour (4 hour minimum)


Linens, tables, chairs, china, flatware, bar setups, glassware, tents, POPCORN Machines, etc.

Our Personal Chefs SPECIALIZE in this! 

If someone has a special dietary guideline, we are the caterer for you!
*Gluten Free Available on select items
*Vegetarian Available on select items
*Halal Available on select items
*Non-Dairy Available on select items
& More!