Types of Wedding Caterers

There are 3 types of Wedding Caterers, which will help you understand the problems in the industry and where we fit in to solve them.

  • Type 1 is a Luxury Caterer

You can receive a quote very fast as the price is going to be $20+ more per person than others. They are pricing it very high because they are lowering their risk that if costs go up, they have it covered. This is why they can quote fast as they are pricing it high that everyone involved will be paid a premium price.

These companies will be able to hire plenty of trained staff to have everything professionally done and right, which is what you are paying for.

The food is unlikely to be memorable because it’s typically designed in a factory food setting to maximize profit (which will usually differ from the sampling they offer, as that will be made-from-scratch, differently than how your wedding will be handled).

Overall, you are paying for no headaches, low risk wedding, but unlikely to be memorable. This isn’t a bad choice if you afford the premium prices.

  • Type 2 is the Cheap Caterer that oversells their services

You will also get a relatively fast quote because they are not actually worried about the outcome, just getting your money.

These caterers will greatly oversell their abilities and services while underdelivering most of the time. Horrible? Maybe not, but definitely noticeable when your event starts.

Typically, they are in over their head or they just will just worry about what needs to be done later as getting your deposit quickly is what matters. If costs go up compared to what you paid, they will cut more corners.

Food may not be properly maintained because they will not have the trained staff or processes in place.

Service will typically be handled by random members that do not have a passion for doing it the right way.

Important to watch for is these caterers tend to have an auto gratuity in the contract that you may overlook.

At first glance, it will appear you are receiving a great deal for the services offered. Then, you may realize the high risk of disappointment on your Wedding Day as well as auto gratuity that no longer means they were as inexpensive as you thought.

  • Type 3 is where Frato’s Personal Chef Catering fits in. We identified the problems above and created the solution below so everyone can afford the right wedding.

We offer buffet service, not plated or table service. You can learn why by clicking here.

We will not be able to quote you fast for a few reasons. One reason is we have been creating Custom Weddings for years. Every Wedding is different in regards to the food desired and the service required. We want to make sure you receive exactly what you want.

The other reason is we have to calculate our real costs and project the changes for the upcoming year as we are going to price it at the best rate you will find without sneaking in an auto gratuity to cover us.  This is a very precise and time-consuming task.  It requires us to receive contract pricing from suppliers and help pass those savings on to you.

We want to make your wedding memorable, but cost effectively, so you can feel good with your stomach and bank account. 

Your Wedding is made-from-scratch and handled by your very own trained Frato’s Personal Chef. Their passion is your happiness.

Our desire is to make your food a memorable moment and using our size, we can help bring that price down. 

How many weddings have you been to where the food was disappointing or simply not memorable?

Now you know why you have a trained Personal Chef handling your wedding, NOT a sales representative.

It is also ideal to reach out to caterers before putting a deposit on a hall. Hall requirements change drastically and once the hall has your deposit, they can push you towards more expensive caterers through their service requirements. This removes the work and risk on the hall, so they can put it all on you and the caterer you choose. Having proper risk-free service tends to be more expensive than the food itself, so the more service requirements they have, the more you will pay for the hall.




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