School Lunch Menu – School Partnerships

What better catering restaurant to supply delicious food for your school children than Frato’s Culinary Kitchen in Schaumburg? 

Frato’s has a history of volunteering at your local schools.  We help teach and make school a little bit more fun for everyone!  Learn a little bit about Frato’s work here

Frato’s supplies various hot lunch items to multiple schools (Private Schools, Public Schools and PTA’s), as far as 10 miles away. 

We have fun items such as our Aged Cheddar Mac & Cheese to Deli Sandwiches on Fresh Chicago Turano Bread and even a Taco Bowl. 

How can we make it even better?  Well, all items are prepared by local culinary students training in Frato’s Culinary Apprenticeship Program. 

So, not only is the food amazing, but it’s also helping local culinary students develop the skills to compete in this industry!  A true win-win! 

To receive a copy of Frato’s Catering Current School Lunch Menu, please email Management at or use our contact page here (we offer free samplings of all menu items as well)

PS. Frato’s also pays membership dues to PTA’s for any schools that work with us along with helping raise donation money with pizza parties or other fun events


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