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Industries We Serve

  • Corporations: Enhance productivity with diverse meal options.
  • Food Courts and Concessions: Elevate your offerings with gourmet meals.
  • Medical Facilities: Serve both inpatient live-in and treatment centers with food made to spec, covering all types of allergies and dietary guidelines. So good that even your staff will want to eat it! Your Personal Chef acts as an extension of your team.
  • Day Care Centers: Nutritious meals for the little ones. Learn More
  • Public and Private Schools: Wholesome meals to fuel learning. Learn More
  • Golf Courses: Frato’s Personal Chefs craft meals to your specifications, enabling both your restaurant and banquet facility to stay open simultaneously. Operate with less staff, less overhead, and fewer headaches, boosting your revenue. Learn More
  • Country Clubs: Our Personal Chefs become an extension of your kitchen, making meals to spec, allowing for reduced staff, lower overhead, and seamless operation of both your restaurant and banquet facility, enhancing your revenue.
  • Hotels: Generate more revenue by having Frato’s Personal Chefs prepare meals to spec, facilitating the simultaneous operation of your restaurant and banquet facility with less overhead. Learn More

Why Choose Frato’s?

We Solve Your Problems

Looking for solutions to your corporate food challenges? Learn How We Solve Your Problems Here.

Sample Menu

Curious about what we offer? Check out our Sample Menu to get an idea of our chef-crafted meals.

Affordable Pricing

  • Half Pound of Food: Starts at $4.00 per person
  • Full Pound of Food: Starts at $6.00 per person

Allergy and Dietary Guidelines

For all your allergy and dietary needs, Learn More Here.

Our Chefs Customize to Meet Your Needs without Risk

Looking for tailored solutions? Learn More About Our Customized and No-Risk Options Here.

Bring Back Remote Workers and Increase Productivity!

We’re more than just Food, we Problem Solve with Unique and Powerful Solutions! Learn More About Boosting Productivity Here!



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