Wedding Horror Story! (2023)

Don’t Let Your Wedding End Up Like This Horror Story

…well, we made sure there was a happy ending, but please don’t wait for us to save the day like this story below

This story is from 2023 and times change changed even more for all of us after Covid. These stories happen all the time, but we finally wanted to document one for you to realize the importance of the decision you are about to make on your Wedding Day. 

In 2022, we quoted a Wedding Catering for 2023. It was a themed wedding with all types of Specialty Spanish and Mexican-themed Dishes plus a late-night menu snack menu.  To the Personal Chef that designed the menu, he was extremely excited about it. Many of the dishes were traditional and some were completely customized to meet the needs. 

To make a long story short, a price war happened. Another caterer undercut the price and claimed to provide more service and more authentic food. 

We do not discount because our price is always a discount from the beginning.

We warned the customer this isn’t true that they are going to provide more than we are at a lesser price.

We warned the customer that we know the costs and they are going to run a high risk for the event if they go with it.  We don’t make up our prices by throwing a dart at a board, it is math. 

In the end, the customer felt comfortable and decided to go with the other company.

Fast forward to 30 days before the event.

On a Saturday morning, I received panic a phone call from the Bride and a call from her parents. The caterer they chose went out of business and their deposit was lost with it.

I told them, we are on it, don’t worry.  I’m not worried, neither should you. 

Due to our incredible staff, we were able to put together the Wedding event in only 30 days, slight adjustments to lower the staff requirements to a two-person crew, and the guests loved everything.  We were focused, committed and took care of the problem at hand.  That is why we train our own staff and develop multiple chefs to assist. 

None of the wedding guests knew the changes made just four weeks before the event.  It felt like we had a full year to plan. 

IMPORTANT:  We still honored our price without gauging a customer in need because at the end of the day, your happiness is why we are in business.

The byproduct of making you happy is we will make money.

If you understand the previous line, you understand our philosophy and business model.




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