COVID-19 Safe Catering

We take safety seriously. We know it’s important to you. 

The reality is, most restaurants “want to” take safety seriously but few are “capable of operationally succeeding” at it like Frato’s can.   It’s expensive, it’s tedious, it’s hard, and not everyone can do it like Frato’s can. 

The following is one important distinction between Frato’s Catering and other Caterers.  We actually have a dedicated Catering Team and Processes in place to Keep You Safe.  We have the ability to individually box meals to make them COVID-19 Safe. 

Traditional caterers (without a restaurant) can not employ their staff at all times since it is catering event dependent.  Therefore, many employees come and go seeking more stable sources of income.  Frato’s has a restaurant which allows us to keep ample staff around at all times with a non-stop training program.  

On the other side, traditional restaurants do not have a true catering team and operational processes in place that differentiate between the restaurant and catering processes.  They simply added the word catering to their website.  Frato’s has a dedicated career path for our staff that means only Chefs can handle these caterings when they reach the status of Chef.  This ensures quality control and a team that is well-rounded. 

We do not hire individuals that just want a paycheck, we hire and train to certify each of our Chefs.  This is a big deal because our staff truly cares about what we do. 

This is our passion, this is our life.  Few can say it like we can.  Be careful who you trust to handle your important events.

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All caterings are handled by trained certified Chefs that have been promoted within our system. 

We are capable of keeping cold food within the cold chain from Frato’s to your door. 

More importantly, we are capable of keeping hot food hot within the safety zone from Frato’s to your door. 

While we promote our made-from-scratch items, we tend to neglect the importance of safety in our marketing.  That is why we created this page, to inform you of more than just our food quality. 

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